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  • Recent Case Update – Reduction of IRS debt from $460,000.00 to $30,000.00

    Our expert IRS lawyer in Mesa was able to significantly reduce a clients IRS debtWe have helped hundreds of clients get rid of millions of dollars in IRS debt since 1996 and we don’t discuss it much.  We don’t discuss primarily because our clients like to keep their dealings with the IRS private and we are duty bound to honor that…Attorney-Client stuff.

    We also don’t talk about our results much because we don’t like to toot our “horn”.

    We do provide a very important service however and have decided that people with serious tax problems need to be aware that there are others in the same situation who have met with success.  

    So…we are going to do a better job of at least declaring to the World once in a while that a client has met Mr. or Ms. Success.

    We won’t mention names, and we won’t disclose the exact details of the case.

    So..some horn tooting.

    Our client was able to reduce his debt by about $430,000.00 with some hard work, great planning and patience.

    He had options and he used them to get his life back.

    If you have a serious tax debt, you probably have options…You can read about the most common ones here.

    In order to determine which option or combination of options makes the most sense, I need to know about you, your financial situation, tax history and your goals.

    Sometimes we have to create a plan that takes awhile to reach a successful conclusion and the use of more than one legal option.

    But…at least you know that someone, possibly someone just like you, found a real solution.  It is possible.

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