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  • Late IRS Tax Returns – We are being watched by the IRS

    Late IRS Tax Returns

    Timothy J. Patton and his wife Dawn of Big Sandy Texas were sentenced on September 30, 2011, to 40 months and 36 months in prison, respectively.   They were also ordered to pay $571,734 in restitution to the Internal3409012-i-think-i-m-being-watched-0 Revenue Service.  The Pattons were found guilty in July, of “conspiracy to attempt to evade federal income tax” and five counts of “attempting to evade federal income tax”.  
    Apparently, the Pattons stopped filing federal income tax returns in the year 2000 amongst other things.  These other things included lying in order to avoid having taxes withheld from paychecks.

    The point in letting you know about Mr. and Mrs.  Patton is to remind you that the system is set up to watch us.  If you have been working, and that income is being reported to the IRS as is required, the IRS knows the amount, when it was paid, and whether you have disclosed it via a tax return filing.  If you haven’t filed properly or at all, the system is churning and spitting out notices and reminders to let you know they are onto you.

    Eventually, they will do the work for you, via a substitute return, and/or charge you with a crime.  It is just the way it is.  There is no escape.  You have to join the collective, gather enough friends to vote in a new tax system or go into hiding.

    The good news is…it usually takes quite a bit of evading and non filing for the system to charge you with a crime.  Lots of years unfiled, high income, prominent or interesting person?  The odds and speed will increase.

    If you have unfiled returns and want to avoid future entanglements with the IRS, I suggest that you talk to an attorney about your tax return situation.    There are other reasons to get the returns filed as well.  Read more here.