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  • Unfiled Tax Returns – 5 filing tips

    Unfiled Tax Returns -5 tips

    1. Mail them. Late tax returns can’t be filed electronically. They must be mailed in and to a specific address. Visit the IRS. Gov website to find the address that most accurately fits your description.

    2. Hand deliver the returns. If time is of the essence and you need proof that you filed a particular return by a certain date,make a photocopy of the return and take the original and the copy to the IRS office locally.The stamped photo copy proves where and when.

    3. Send certified. Certified mail provides proof that each return was received by the IRS. Do it. Don’t take chances. If you don’t send by certified mail, than follow up with the IRS to make sure they recieved the return by asking for an “account transcipt” that will show a return was filed by you and when.

    4. Mail in separate envelopes. If sending certified, mailing separately will ensure each return has it’s own date stamp and certified mail receipt. This could come in handy later when the IRS says they didn’t recieve it on time or at all. This may also prevent the IRS from missing a return altogether that has been lumped together with others.

    5. Speak to counsel. If you have a number of unfiled returns, it may be wise to speak with a tax attorney as you begin the process.