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  • Late-Filed Return Issues

    now later-thumb-375x248-53125Have you neglected your tax return filings for more than a few years?  Un-filed returns are a very common problem in Arizona.   You would be surprised to know that thousands of people each year are in the same boat.   Most of our clients have un-filed returns when they first call the office.

    The first step we take is to contact the IRS as part of our IRS History Investigation, and order income histories that tell us the w-2 or 1099 income reported in the years in question, as well as things like mortgage interest.  We also determine during the investigation which years need to be filed.

    Sometimes the IRS has created returns for you.  In these instances, we use the returns your tax return professional creates to challenge the IRS Substitute Return balance(s).

    Not all missing returns need to be filed in many cases.  The IRS usually requires the last 6 years but sometimes where the IRS has created a substitute return (incorrect return created by the IRS with just your income histories) you may need to file returns older than six years old.

    Once we know your total balance owed along with your current financial situation, we can build a plan to resolve the debt.  We work with you to implement the plan and aggressively deal with the IRS in an attempt to make the plan work to your best advantage.

    We want to get you back into the “system” and do so in a way that helps you avoid the fear of collection and the inability to pay basic living expenses.

    We also want to ensure your returns are filed before the IRS files them for you as this creates a different set of issues that will complicate your situation.

    Our Arizona Tax Law firm has a long history of helping clients with un-filed returns and IRS Substitute Return problems find the best solution that is available to them.  We do this by providing detailed, personalized analysis and representation, and knowledge of IRS rules.

    We can help you get it figured out.  Call 480-507-5985 for a free conversation with Arizona IRS Debt Attorney, Michael Anderson.