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  • No the IRS Fresh Start Program Doesn’t Include Penalty Abatement – Sorry

    Almost every person who contacts me asks about getting rid of IRS penalties.  There are two reasons I think this happens: 1.  Many Americans believe in paying debt and see tax as a debt.  But they regard penalties as just unwarranted punishment. 2.  Many people have been falsely led to believe the IRS’s Fresh Start Program…

  • Penalty abatement request – how to and what you can do if it is rejected

    Penalty Abatement – Reducing IRS Penalty The key point in relation to penalty abatement requests and the IRS is that if you don’t ask you won’t get.  The following is a short review of the “asking” process. If an IRS penalty is sent to you via the IRS mailed notice system, it is wise to…

  • IRS penalty abatement and “reasonable cause” – what does that mean?

    “Reasonable Cause”…could there be a more vague phrase? It makes sense than that this is the standard used by the IRS to determine whether a penalty should be forgiven or “abated”. It leaves some wiggle room. Ridding yourself of an IRS penalty is all about this vague “reasonable cause” standard and the taxpayer has to…