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  • Unfiled Tax Returns? Answers to your most basic questions

    I have written about unfiled tax returns quite a bit.  The reason?  Many Americans don’t file tax returns on time and a good percentage of those people have failed to file returns for several years or more. If you haven’t filed in quite a while and have questions, this article will provide answers to most…

  • Unfiled tax returns going back a dozen years…do I really need to file all of them?

    If you have unfiled tax returns, I’m not going to Judge you.  I have helped hundreds of Arizona clients deal with unfiled return issues and have learned that at least in Arizona, the failure to file a return is usually the result of emotions and thoughts we all have at some point in our lives….

  • Instant Tax Service Franchisee barred from creating tax returns….forever

    A federal court in Nevada has barred the owner of several Instant Tax Service Franchises from preparing tax returns. Benyam Tewolde and his wife signed an injunction order without admitting guilt which was signed by the US District Court Judge Miranda M. Du. Apparantly Mr. Benyam and his staff were helping clients fabricate business and…

  • Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act – You can take a breath now…It has been extended

    The “Fiscal Cliff” Bill passed by the House and Senate this week, re-authorized the “Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act“. This should delight all those facing a home foreclosure in the coming year. Background When a Homeowner owes the Bank more than the home is worth, and the home is foreclosed on, the Bank will typically…

  • Unfiled Tax Returns? There are some things you need to know

    Sharing income with the Government is a burden and a responsibility we share. Many of us think that it is the worst way to raise revenue, but it is the law and failure to do so can result in serious problems. Despite this, there are millions of people in the U.S. who are late filers….

  • Late Tax Returns? Six Big Reasons You Should Get them Prepared

    Time flies when your having fun. As you get older, it flies by whether you are having fun or not. For people with multiple years of late tax returns, time flies whether they are old or not. One tax return is missed because a IRS tax debt is lurking at the other end, and all…

  • Unfiled Tax Returns – Two problems IRC Section 6020(b) can cause

    Unfiled Tax Returns What can the IRS do if you don’t file a tax return? IRC Section 6020(b) provides the IRS the authority to create the tax return for you. Specifically: (b) Execution of return by secretary (1) Authority of Secretary to execute return If any person fails to make any return required by any…

  • Fail to File Tax Returns? Is the IRS ever barred from bringing criminal charges?

    Fail to File Tax Returns? The tax code limits the time the IRS has to chase late tax return filers on a criminal basis. It must bring a criminal charge against the non filer for failure to file within 6 years of the date the return was originally due. So, if the return was due April 15 of…

  • Unfiled Tax Returns – 5 filing tips

    Unfiled Tax Returns -5 tips 1. Mail them. Late tax returns can’t be filed electronically. They must be mailed in and to a specific address. Visit the IRS. Gov website to find the address that most accurately fits your description. 2. Hand deliver the returns. If time is of the essence and you need proof…