What makes us different

Saguaro And Four Peaks


We analyze your facts, take into account your entire situation, and provide straightforward advice. The truth is… many people don’t have an available “perfect solution”.   We’ll tell you the truth about that.  Our clients make informed decisions about their options, they don’t rely on a sales pitch.


We are local and only help clients who live in Arizona.  We will meet you face to face, shake your hand and listen to your situation and your goals. We believe that serious legal problems require intimate knowledge of the facts of the case and your desires and that is best accomplished by a local Attorney.


We are licensed to practice law by the Arizona Supreme Court and must follow a strict code of ethics.  Mr. Anderson personally works on your case.


Because we’re a law firm, we can explain all the options available to you and we will explain them all, even if it means you don’t need our help in the end.  Tax debt options are often so intertwined, that unless you are speaking to someone who understands and is experienced with each, you aren’t getting complete advice.  You’re only getting advice about the limited options the tax resolution salesperson can provide.  You don’t want to learn about other legal options and how they may have affected your case, after the fact.


We’ve helped a few thousand people deal with the the IRS directly and through bankruptcy over twenty years, but we don’t consider bankruptcy to be the first option, and bankruptcy doesn’t fit every situation.

However, many people who may benefit from bankruptcy aren’t getting the full story about how chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy may help them. Where the debt is high, there are a number of years remaining on the collection statute period, or there are tax and other debt problems, it will make sense to discuss how bankruptcy works.


We have helped clients eliminate millions of dollars in tax debt both inside and outside of bankruptcy.  As a result, we have dealt with most scenarios an individual or small business will face when confronted with an IRS debt problem.


When talking to someone about your tax debt situation you may divulge things that can be used against you later.  Not so when working with us. Your conversations and our work product are privileged and cannot be shared with the IRS.


If our efforts can’t provide value to you, we won’t take the case.