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  • After the IRS Audit – A Basic Guide

    IRS Audit – Some Background In order to make sure that Arizona taxpayers follow the law, the IRS conducts audits on a certain percentage of us each year.  The IRS has several methods to determine who gets selected.  The most common are: The Discriminate Information Function – A computerized scoring system Infection Audits – The…

  • Can the IRS Revenue Officer visit my Home?

    The IRS Revenue Officer can visit your home or place of business and in fact, the IRS encourages the Revenue Officer to pay you a visit.  If you have serious tax debt or unfiled returns…you should expect it. Background There are two types of direct “collectors” that work for the IRS. A. ACS Employees Automated…

  • IRS Adjusted Your Return? – You may only have 90 days to challenge it

    IRS adjusted your return? If so, 90 is an important number. It is the time frame i.e. the number of days the law thinks you should be given to respond to an IRS Notice of Deficiency. The IRS Notice of Deficiency is issued as a result of the IRS making an adjustment to your return that…

  • Tax Advice – Does your Dentist know the answer?

    Earlier this month the First Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the conviction of a couple who based their actions on some bad tax advice from their dentist.  (See United States V. Allen) Apparantly, the dentist convinced the couple that tax return filing and tax payment weren’t legally required. So in 1998, they began to claim…