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  • 17 situations when the IRS won’t collect

    Tax Debt left unattended will result in IRS collection activity…levies, liens and property seizures. IRS collection activity just doesn’t stop on it’s own. It will happen after the tax debt has been: a.  Assessed  (entered into the books as a debt) b.  You have been sent a notice of the debt and demand for…

  • IRS to begin using private collection within months

    In September of last year, the IRS issued a notice indicating an intent to use private debt collection services.  This is going to become reality when the collectors begin handling old accounts within a few months. The IRS will send a notice explaining the details and the private debt collection agencies will also send a…

  • Differences between the IRS CP504 letter and the IRS LT11 letter are important to understand

    IRS CP 504 Letter vs. IRS LT 11 Letter The IRS likes to remind you about tax debt.  As part of it’s collection process it sends these reminders in the mail with bold lettering that says “NOTICE OF INTENT TO LEVY”.   Most people don’t know however that there are two types of Notice of…

  • Self Employed? Pay your estimated taxes monthly

    The Robert Burns poem To a Mouse, written in 1786, is an apology.  The story has it that Mr. Burns upended a mouse’s home while plowing a field and felt bad about it.  To make amends, he wrote a poem, the most famous portion of which reads: But little Mouse, you are not alone, In proving…

  • How does the IRS know so much about me?

    The IRS is in the business of collecting money and it has some advantages that other money collectors don’t have.   Your employer submits a report of your income each year to the IRS.  If you are self employed, your vendors or others send the IRS a 1099 misc. form.  The bank sends the IRS…

  • Legislators consider private IRS debt collection

    The U.S. Senate passed it’s version of a bill meant to fund the highway system, but included language in the bill that would privatize much of the IRS’ collection responsibility.  The U.S. House of Representatives is working on it’s own highway bill and may just include a similar provision.  (The House GOP Wants Private Debt…

  • IRS problems don’t just go away – put the fire out

    IRS problems don’t just go away.  The cartoon is a clumsy way of making the point. The point is that you have to do something.  You can’t ignore the problem and just go about your business. Your house is on fire and you may not realize it. The most common “house-fire” we see is that…

  • The IRS Final Notice of Intent to Levy or why you should always open your mail

    The IRS Final Notice of Intent to Levy or why you should always open your mail I’m surprised at how often my clients bring me a box filled with un-opened mail from the IRS.  To tell you the truth, most of it is junk. Reminders to pay, debt breakdowns, letters requesting missing tax returns, etc….

  • IRS Form 433 Matters – There are hidden dangers

    IRS form 433 is the primary piece of equipment that the IRS collection unit and IRS revenue officers use to get your information. If you are an individual that owes almost any type of tax and you don’t qualify for a streamlined agreement, you will probably have to supply the 433a or at least the…

  • What is the IRS Fresh Start Program?

    The IRS Fresh Start program was created a few years ago.  It’s claim at the time was that “struggling” taxpayers needed some help so it changed some of the ways it did business with taxpayers.  The changes were done in three areas.  IRS Liens, IRS Installment Agreements and IRS Offers in Compromise. It is debatable whether…