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  • I have a Serious Tax Debt, I don’t know who to talk to about finding a way to resolve it. Who should I call?

    If you had a serious illness like some form of Cancer, who would you want to consult with first? Your Cousin Fred A Nurse A Family Doctor A Doctor who specializes in Treating Your type of Cancer You would want to speak with the Specialist right?  Why?  A Specialist has been trained for years to…

  • Why IRS offers in compromise fail

    WHY IRS OFFERS IN COMPROMISE FAIL Thousands of Americans have serious tax debt.  They are often taken in by the promise of an easy solution via the IRS offer in compromise (OIC) program.  The problem is that most people aren’t good candidates for the OIC program. In an OIC the IRS is empowered to accept…

  • IRS AUDIT – Overcoming poor recordkeeping – the “Cohan Rule”

    The IRS audit  or the creation of tax returns by the IRS are uncomfortable propositions no matter your circumstance.  The Cohan Rule may help. Why so scary? An audit is just an attempt by the government to grade your homework right? A simple review of the documents you used to create your income and deduction…