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By Michael S. Anderson of Anderson Tax Law logo for Arizona tax attorney Michael S. Anderson P.C.
  • Received a 1099 for canceled debt? Make sure it’s right

    Creditors like to issue 1099-c documents if they’ve worked out a settlement and decided to forgive the debt entirely.  Creditors also issue 1099 forms when bankruptcy is filed and it discharges the obligation to pay the debt.  These forms also show the IRS that the debt forgiven matches the amount written off in their own tax…

  • Tax Withholdings – Use them to ensure you won’t owe again

    It’s easy to file a tax filing extension with the IRS.  A simple form is filled out, the amount you think you owe is included, and in theory… that amount and the form are sent into the IRS before the April 15th deadline. This allows you to put off filing the return until much later…

  • Florida Bankruptcy Court rejects McCoy – uses “Beard” test

    A recent case out of the US Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of Florida, Coyle v. U.S., has rejected the McCoy line of cases and relied on the beard test to determine whether tax debt based on returns filed after IRS assessment can be discharged.  The taxpayer in question filed returns after the IRS…

  • Unfiled Tax Returns Arizona? 9 Issues to Be Aware Of

    Unfiled Tax Returns? 9 Issues to Be Aware Of Millions of Americans fail to file tax returns each year for various reasons. The most common reason we see is simply procrastination combined with a dash of fear. Every late tax return filer worries about what the consequences might be. Some think about it every day of…