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  • IRS History Investigation

    irsThe first step in dealing with tax debt is understanding your IRS History.  You need to know a number of things before you can determine the best way to deal with the situation.  

    Many people try to figure this out on their own only to find that they have trouble obtaining and/or understanding information from the IRS.

    We Can Help.

    We call this part of the overall process the IRS History “Investigation”.  It is done in order to ensure you have very specific information about your relationship with the IRS and it helps us determine the best option or options you have to deal with the situation.

    The information we gather includes:

    • Amounts owed for each year or tax period
    • Which returns have been filed by the IRS
    • Which returns have been filed by you
    • Which returns need to be filed
    • Bankruptcy date analysis for each year or period owed
    • When the IRS’ ability to collect will end.  (CSED)
    • Whether an IRS lien has been filed and when the lien may be removed by date (CSED)

    If you have questions about the status of your IRS account, contact our Office.