Get Help With Your IRS Debt Problem

Over the last two decades we’ve helped our clients eliminate millions of dollars in tax and other debt by challenging incorrect audit results and substitute returns, arguing offers in compromise and partial pay agreements, and in Bankruptcy Court.

If you have more than $25,000.00 in IRS debt, or IRS debt and other debt problems…we can help.


The first step and the key to solving an IRS debt problem, is to evaluate your financial situation and IRS history.  We need to know some important things in order to provide worthwhile guidance.  Some of the things we need to know are in the possession of the IRS and the rest is with you.

IRS History Analysis

We start each case by contacting the IRS and obtaining information and documents that tell us among other things:

  • How much debt exists
  • Which years are owed
  • When the Collection Statute Expiration Date will run out
  • Whether the IRS Debt may meet date requirements for discharge in bankruptcy
  • Whether a “Final Notice of Intent to Levy” has been issued
  • Whether an Equivalent Hearing Request may still be made
  • Whether tax returns are missing
  • Which returns need to be filed
  • What was reported as income for each year where a return needs to be filed
  • Whether the IRS has filed returns for you

Financial Analysis

If you’ll completely fill out a worksheet that we provide, provide some other documents and answer a few questions, we can use that information and the IRS information, to determine your best legal options and create a real plan.

Honest Advice

There are a few truths about the options surrounding IRS Debt that you likely aren’t hearing from the Tax Resolution Industry.

  • Most people don’t qualify to “settle” tax debt for less than what is owed
  • Sometimes bankruptcy makes more sense than your other options
  • You may not need any help to solve the problem
  • Sometimes it’s best….to do nothing or at least to do less than you thought you should do

Once we’ve evaluated your situation based on the review of the IRS history and your worksheet mentioned above, we’ll discuss any of the above that apply.  It may be the case that you won’t need our help…or anyone’s help.

We’ll tell you the truth about that.

Flat and Affordable Fee

If all the tax debt has been assessed, you don’t own a business, and it appears that we can help ….we’ll quote a flat and affordable fee.  Payment plans are available and many cases can begin with a small amount upfront.


If  the IRS is claiming that you have $25,000.00 or more in debt or you have IRS and other debt problems, visit our appointment page and make an appointment online to meet with Attorney Michael Anderson about your options.  The first meeting is free, but you’ll come away with enough information to understand your options and to begin the process of solving the problem.

We look forward to helping you.